Published on: August 28, 2017

This video portrait tells the inspiring story of Floida, a young Kichwa woman and indigenous student in the Peruvian Amazon. Leaving her far away community in the Putumayo river to come to the city of Iquitos and pursue her dream of higher education, Floida's story is one of perserverance, hope and success in a reality where indigenous youth face unequal opportunities and multiple challenges.

STAY TUNED! We will release the full video portrait "Floida" at the end of 2017.

For more, read the story on our blog.

Protagonist: Floida Tangoa Noteno
Direction: Sandra Vanessa Soto Yafac
Production: Sandra Vanessa Soto Yafac, Natalia Power Morán
Videography: Patrick Murayari Wesemberg, Carlos Marín Tello
Sound: Natalia Power Morán
Editing and Post Production: Mijail Vásquez Ruiz, Carlos Marín Tello  
Music: "Melodías Kichwas en Pifano" by Joaquín Coquinche; "Cumbia del río" by Los Wemblers; "El encanto de la selva" by Los Wemblers

This film was created as part of the “Amazonian Documentary 2017” workshop by the Amazonian School of Cinema (Escuela de Cine Amazónico).


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