Thank you for your interest in working at The Chaikuni Institute. There are a number of volunteer opportunities available year-round. From time to time, there are staff positions advertised here.

Staff Positions:

Permaculture Research Coordinator

In order to develop, systematize and monitor the work carried out in our 5-year old permaculture pilot project located in the Nanay River (20 minutes by boat & 1 hour walk from Iquitos), we are looking to hire a professional for the role of PERMACULTURE RESEARCH COORDINATOR. The job requires someone available for work in the field during week days. The Permaculture Research Coordinator will work in coordination with the General Permaculture Coordinator and the Executive Director of the Institute. Moreover, the Permaculture Research Coordinator will have the support of a multicultural and multidisciplinary team of professionals, volunteers, and practitioners.

Deadline for Applications: 19th June 2017

Volunteer Opportunities:

Nutritionist for the Intercultural Education SUI SUI program

In order to support the program to achieve its goals, we are looking to complement our team with a dedicated nutritionist, working with us on a voluntary basis, for no less than three months. The main task of the volunteer will be to analyse the diet and day-to-day nutritional situation of the indigenous university students in Iquitos, in close collaboration with the students themselves, and finally work on recommendations and present ideas about how to improve their diet and general health.

Deadline for Applications: 30th June 2017

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