Published on: November 24, 2016

The groundbreaking documentary PASTAZA puts the spotlight on the reality of Amazonian indigenous peoples who are uniting to defend water, the land and life itself against Big Oil. This film chronicles the severe impact of over 40 years of oil contamination in Peru’s biggest oil lot, 192 (ex-1AB) in the Amazon, and the state’s unfulfilled promises to find solutions to the immense damage it has caused. A bold call for justice as indigenous peoples mobilize to raise the voices for the well-being of all.
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A film for indigenous federation FEDIQUEP 
Direction & Postproduction: Veronique Cabois
Direction & Videography: Deborah-Lynne Rivett
Graphics, Animations & Statistics: Silviu Dimatrache
Additional Footage: Marc Silver, Veronique Cabois, Tom Askew
Photographic Images: Stefan Kistler
Music: Adham Shaikh, Sonia Emilia Rainbow Woman, Felix Maria Woschek, Jose Campos, Diogenes Garcia Sanchez, Cameron Gaut
Translation: Johanna Azorin-Albinana, Amanda Garratt, Lily Hollister

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