The Permaculture Way in The Peruvian Amazon

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Published on: September 24, 2018

Investigating and promoting sustainable and resilient living systems in the Peruvian Amazon has been at the core of The Chaikuni Institute’s Permaculture pilot project ever since its inception in 2013 on land shared with our sister organization, The Temple of The Way of Light.

In this short film, meet experts from Chaikuni’s Permaculture team and farmers from local communities, supported by our Program, sharing their experiences on permaculture agroforestry as a viable economic alternative, and the importance of biodiversity conservation for future generations in the world’s largest remaining tropical rainforest. Their inspiring stories highlight the regenerative movement in the Amazon in support of the revitalization of indigenous knowledge and the South American concept of “Buen Vivir” (“Good Living”) which lies at the very heart of our work at The Chaikuni Institute.

Video: Gavin Hoffman / The Chaikuni Institute / The Temple of The Way of Light


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