Who We Are

Who We Are

We are a grassroots collective which investigates, promotes and protects equitable, inclusive, interrelated and abundant living systems.

Why We Work

Why We Work

In the face of the exploitative and self-destructive paradigm that now dominates our planet, we strive to grow, build and promote alternatives that honor the interrelation of all life.

What We Do

What We Do

We work to advance environmental and social justice by empowering and partnering with indigenous peoples, and investigate and promote sustainable access to plant medicine, healthy food and economic opportunities for local communities.


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Dry toilets in the Amazon: Sustainable Solutions for Basic Needs

Introduction by Alienor de Sas. After more than four decades of petroleum exploitation in the Loreto region, communities on the petroleum circuit remain some of the poorest and most insufficiently attended people of Peru for both geographic and socio-economic reasons.

Special Report: The Black Snake of Peru’s Amazon – The North Peruvian Pipeline

Blog Text by Justin Henson. Since 1979, more than 100 oil spills have occurred along the North Peruvian pipeline – a mega construction, stretching a massive 1,106 km from the Amazon to the Peruvian coast, operated and owned by state

The Peruvian Rainforest Through The Lens of Amazonian Photographer Jorge Salvador Pizarro García

An Exclusive Interview And Preview Of Upcoming Photographer Jorge Salvador Lopez’s Latest Series In Collaboration With Chaikuni

Permaculture Center

Fusing indigenous wisdom and modern knowledge, we investigate and promote sustainable access to plant medicine, healthy food and economic opportunities for local communities by creating an integral agriculture model within our Amazon permaculture center. Situated outside Iquitos, on a 175-hectare parcel of secondary tropical rainforest, our permaculture center has grown since its inception in January 2013.

Intercultural Education

We believe in intercultural education as a means of creating an inclusive, diverse and equitable society that honors and celebrates its constituent cultures and identities. We presently support the intercultural education Sui Sui Program and empower the indigenous student organization OEPIAP.

Human and Nature Rights

We are dedicated to advancing environmental and social justice in the Amazon and beyond in these critical times of climate change. We stand with indigenous and local organizations in Loreto to resist systems that privilege profit over people. We are active in the important nature rights movement that advocates for the recognition of indigenous territorial rights as the best path to protect the most beautiful wilderness on Earth. We help amplify voices of the jungle by providing influential multimedia tools and investigation work. In the legal arena, we accompany local organizations in support of democratic processes and strategies that advocate for eco-social justice and protect the right to clean water and a healthy life.

Ayni Ayahuasca

Ayni Ayahuasca

Our newest project is the sustainable & ethical production of ayahuasca and its use.

We have already planted over 1000 vines around the permaculture site over the past years. We are currently investigating best practices in the Loreto region with the objective of working with local communities.

We believe sustainable production must benefit both local communities and ensure this potent healing medicine is available for all who wish to approach it with respect for the healing traditions from which its usage has emerged.


An opportunity for inspired giving in support of a new vision
for a thriving and sustainable Amazon Rainforest…


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