The Chaikuni Institute is a grassroots collective which investigates, promotes and protects equitable, inclusive, interrelated and abundant living systems.

Our VisionBy honoring indigenous wisdom and enacting the principles of permaculture, we support a form of life known in Spanish as buen vivir, and in Quechua as sumak kawsay. It is a mindful approach of ‘good living’ that emphasizes community focus, harmony, and social responsibility to the Earth and her people.

We believe that as humans it is our responsibility to reorient ourselves away from the exploitative and self-destructive ideas and behaviors that now dominate our planet. We strive to reform our relationship to the Earth and to each other in such a way that honors the sacred interrelation of all life, and which contributes to the health and happiness of all beings.

Materialistic cultures based on consumption have fostered negligence and abuse in many people’s relationship to the Earth. Poverty, climate change and food insecurity are among the harmful symptoms of global capitalism that we face in the Amazon. Indigenous people and other endangered communities of the Peruvian Amazon are our most important allies in challenging the dominant development model. Together we can lead by example towards more healthy and sustainable ways of life based on the principles of fair share and care for our entire global community.


Our Institute embodies the Chaikuni’s spirit of guardianship by investigating, promoting and protecting the realization of sumak kawsay for the people of the Peruvian Amazon.

Our Mission

We explore synergetic solutions by cross-pollinating indigenous wisdom with rights-based solutions and progressive eco-technologies. Through this sort of integrated approach, we are working towards an alternative, sustainable future for all beings.

Working hand in hand with indigenous people and like-minded organizations, we pursue our holistic vision of health and happiness in the Amazon along three distinct paths: Intercultural Education, Permaculture, and Human and Nature Rights. These three operational branches of the Chaikuni Institute function together, in different arenas, for interwoven solutions to the pervasive and complex challenges at hand.

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