Who We Are

Who We Are

Our name invokes the Amazonian legend that tells of invisible protector spirits of the forest, called the Chaikuni by the Shipibo people.

Why We Work

Why We Work

A grassroots collective which investigates, promotes and protects equitable, inclusive, interrelated and abundant living systems.

What We Do

What We Do

We investigate and promote sustainable access to plant medicine, healthy food and economic opportunities for local communities.


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Interview with Ruben Chino Dahua, Vice-President of the Amazonian indigenous student organization OEPIAP

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Keeping the oil under the ground is causing a direct social and economic disaster in Loreto, but is it also an opportunity?

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Permaculture Center

We investigate and promote sustainable access to plant medicine, healthy food and economic opportunities for local communities by creating an integral agriculture model within our Amazon permaculture center. Situated outside Iquitos, on a 175-hectare parcel of secondary tropical rainforest, our permaculture center has grown since its inception in January 2013.

We are cultivating a high-functioning permaculture base and micro-business model for the sustainable development of Amazonian rural areas, which also serves as an educational hub combining indigenous wisdom and modern knowledge. Our model continuously evolves to offer alternatives designed to help local communities confront day-to-day challenges.

Intercultural Education

Intercultural Education

We believe in intercultural education as a means of creating an inclusive, diverse and equitable society that honors and celebrates its constituent cultures and identities. We believe indigenous higher education students are the couriers of a mutually advantageous cultural exchange. Academic opportunities allow for indigenous students to return home with knowledge and skills from which their communities can learn and integrate.

Conversely, the presence of indigenous students, with the traditional knowledge they bring, enriches the perspectives of their peers, professors and co-workers within the urbanized and disconnected university setting.. We presently support the intercultural education Sui Sui Program and the indigenous student organization OEPIAP.

Human and Nature Rights

We are dedicated to the protection and defense of Mother Earth within the Amazon. We aim to transcend the anthropocentric limitations of our current legal system in order to recognize and respect the sanctity of all life in the Amazon. We oppose shortsighted systems that allow humans to desecrate and pollute our jungle home, the lungs of the world. The extraction of natural resources in this region is causing irreversible harm to the Amazon, her people, and by extension, to the rest of the world. We stand with local organizations in Loreto to resist systems that privilege profit over people.

We help amplify voices of the jungle by providing influential multimedia tools and investigation work. In the legal arena, we accompany local organizations in support of democratic processes and strategies that advocate for eco-social justice and protect the right to clean water and a healthy life. We are presently working with the Kichwa organization FECONAT. We work together to ensure adherence to all agreements reached with the Peruvian Government in the emblematic prior-consent process of Peru’s biggest oil lot and to reinforce their independent environmental monitoring program. We are active in the important nature rights movement that advocates for the recognition of indigenous territorial rights as the best path to protect the most beautiful wilderness on Earth.

Ayni Ayahuasca

Ayni Ayahuasca

Our newest pilot project is the sustainable & ethical production of ayahuasca and its use.

We have already planted over 1000 vines around the permaculture site over the past years. We are currently investigating best practices in the Loreto region with the objective of working with local communities.

We believe sustainable production must benefit both local communities and ensure this potent healing medicine is available for all who wish to approach it with respect for the healing traditions from which its usage has emerged.


An opportunity for inspired giving in support of a new vision
for a thriving and sustainable Amazon Rainforest…