Catalyzing a Regenerative Movement in the Amazon

The Chaikuni Institute is a non-profit organization and educational hub working for a truly sustainable future for the Peruvian Amazon. Through the union of ancient indigenous traditions with contemporary Permaculture design, we teach and apply regenerative community-based development practices in Amazonian communities.

We bring together people from across the planet with indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon to co-vision and commit to a common goal – working collectively for the protection of the Amazon rainforest, her people, traditions and biodiversity.

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  • Bioregionalism. A strategy for interdependence and co-evolution of human economies and natural ecosystems, considered over time and space. Explore.
  • Regenerative Development. Human activities should be drivers of positive evolutionary change for the planet. Read.
  • Masterplan Modern innovation and renewable energy technologies to teach and apply regenerative community-based development practices in Amazonian communities. Action.
  • Permaculture. An ecological, ethical design science that creates regenerative life support systems that mimic the patterns and processes found in nature. Discover.
  • Education. An opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge from leading Permaculture teachers and indigenous elders. Learn.

A SEED of hope is germinating in the Peruvian Amazon as indigenous youth co-create a new regenerative paradigm for their communities and the Rainforest.

The Chaikuni Institute of Permaculture is running the SEED program supporting Shipibo youth to revitalize degraded landscapes while simultaneously enhancing the economic and social well-being of their families and reclaiming the cultural and spiritual heritage of their ancestors.

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Our Courses

Chaikuni provides innovative Permaculture design courses and comprehensive training for the Amazonian communities with whom we work as well as our many foreign interns and volunteers.

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There are many ways you can help us realize our vision. Through volunteering your time or making us a donation we are able to upscale our positive impacts and catalyze a regenerative movement in the Amazon.

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Alianza Arkana

Our sister organization, a grassroots alliance based in the Peruvian Amazon focused on environmental justice, human rights, intercultural education and community based solutions.

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