Indigenous Prior Consultation At Risk In The Peruvian Amazon’s Most Prolific Oil Block

In the face of discrimination, indigenous peoples continue to make a stand for their rights

Drive Your Dreams: Launch of our new pilot project with Indigenous Students in Iquitos

Paving the way for ecological and alternative transport


Video portrait tells the inspiring story of indigenous student Floida in Iquitos City

Making it as an Indigenous Student in Iquitos City

Perseverance in the face of Inequalities: Announcing the graduation of Floida & Alvaro, two indigenous students supported by our Sui Sui program

After Over 5 Years of Dialogue In Oil Block 192, Distrust Worsens Between Indigenous Peoples and The State

¿Para qué sirvió el proceso de consulta previa del 2015 y porque es necesario un nuevo proceso de consulta previa para el contrato de 30 años?

Cacao In the Amazon: Uncovering What Comes Before Chocolate

Exploring The Secrets of Cacao Fermentation With Amazonian Women of Tres Unidos

Environmental Clean-Up in the Amazon once again postponed: Challenges of the Remediation Fund for Peru’s Contaminated River Basins

Contamination still not cleaned up after over four decades of oil exploitation on indigenous territories

Planting Urban Gardens with Indigenous Students in Iquitos

Our First Permaculture Workshop At Indigenous Organization OEPIAP's Temporary Student Centre

OEPIAP: Pampa Chica, Our Home

Inside the challenges faced by indigenous student organization OEPIAP, which represents over 120 indigenous youth from 15 Amazonian peoples of the Peruvian Amazon

Inside Our Campaign To Support Education for Amazonian Indigenous Youth

Interview with Chaikuni’s Intercultural Education Coordinators on building an indigenous student centre

Join Us To Build An Indigenous Student Centre In the Amazon

Announcing the launch of our new fundraising campaign in partnership with indigenous student organization OEPIAP

Rural Fish Farming In The Amazon Rainforest

Our latest workshop with the local community of Tres Unidos

Saramurillo, Justice for Peru’s Amazonian Peoples?

Voices from the Indigenous Coalition formed at Saramurillo, the landmark protest uniting peoples from 5 river basins affected by oil activity in Peru’s northern Amazon

Saramurillo, justice this time for the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon?

Could the recent mobilization held at Saramurillo in the Northern Peruvian Amazon be remembered as the one that finally brought much needed justice to indigenous peoples affected by over 40 years of irresponsible oil activity?

Local Collaborations & Empowerment Through Our Permaculture Site

A visit from Peruvian NGO "Association Civil Puente de la Amistad" on our grounds


The groundbreaking documentary PASTAZA puts the spotlight on the reality of Amazonian indigenous peoples who are uniting to defend water, the land and life itself against Big Oil

On The Realities of Being an Indigenous Student in the Peruvian Amazon

Interview with Ruben Chino Dahua, Vice-President of the Amazonian indigenous student organization OEPIAP

And Then The Oil Price Dropped

Keeping the oil under the ground is causing a direct social and economic disaster in Loreto, but is it also an opportunity?

On The Ground With Chaikuni’s Permaculture Team

A look back at the evolution of our Permaculture work in 2015

Welcoming Silvia del Aguila Reyna

Welcoming Silvia del Aguila Reyna, Agroforestry Expert & Our New Permaculture Coordinator

Growing A Forest Garden “Chakra” In The Peruvian Amazon

Since last year, we have been continuing to develop this 1 hectare forest clearing into a fully functioning Permaculture demonstration site. Our aim is to produce food, medicines and fuel from this site; experimenting with various methods, from polycultures to nutrient cycling, so that we can harvest the abundance.

Chaikuni Institute Center Progress

Our work in the Chaikuni Institute Center has progressed well over the last months, mainly focusing on water management for erosion control, soil building and also beautifying our communal ceremonial/workshop space...

Regenerating A Large Forest Clearing

We recently took ownership of a large piece of land (approx. 1 hectare) that 6 months earlier had been cleared of all its forest vegetation leaving a short piece of re-growth that was mainly sandy sub-soil which had been washed out of its topsoil...

The SEED Project Shipibo Ecosocial Entrepreneurship Diploma

What an exciting summer for the Chaikuni Institute, our sister organization Alianza Arkana and partners RECOVER & Terra Genesis International! For 17 days at the beginning of August our organisations came together to lead Chaikuni’s first Permaculture  training course: an innovative initiative teaching

Ecosocial Entrepreneurship for Regenerative Development in the Peruvian Amazon

Chaikuni Institute’s mission of regenerating the degraded rainforest landscape and creating resilient local economies will be achieved through reforestation of abandoned land and ecosocial community outreach initiatives in mestizo and indigenous villages. Our aim is to create a multifunctional agroforestry

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