FORMABIAP is the educational arm of AIDESEP, with a focus on intercultural bilingualism within the Public Institute of Higher Education of Loreto (ISEPL). AIDESEP (Asociación Interétnica de Desarrollo de la Selva Peruana) is one of the national indigenous organizations and aims to work towards the just development of the Peruvian Amazon. It represents 1500 indigenous communities, 68 federations and nine regional associations. The program aims to address the cultural and linguistic needs of native boys and girls. It wants to create a new generation of indigenous people who exercise their individual and collective rights, and defend their territories sustainably, according to the principles of autonomy and self-determination. The Sui Sui Program works in close relationship with FORMABIAP as a partner, and they share not only the same compound but often the same ideas.

Chaikuni has supported the Sui Sui Program since 2014.



Organización de Estudiantes de los Pueblos Indígenas de la Amazonia Peruana (OEPIAP) is a nonprofit indigenous association founded in 2003 representing students from the Peruvian Amazon at higher (technical) and university levels who study in Iquitos. OEPIAP represents over 100 students and 13 indigenous peoples. Its strategic objectives, as defined in its institutional blueprint, are to:

  • Guarantee and improve access to higher (technical) education and university for indigenous students,
  • Guarantee adequate living conditions and nutrition for indigenous students studying in Iquitos,
  • Guarantee academic monitoring and improvement of indigenous students, and
  • Ensure the acceptance and improved visibility of indigenous student issues in the region of Loreto.

Chaikuni has supported OEPIAP since 2014 through the educational Sui Sui Program.



Federacion de Comunidades Nativas del Alto Tigre (Federation of Native Communities of the Upper Tiger River) is the organization of the indigenous Kichwa people of the Upper Tigre (Loreto department) in the extreme northwest of Peru. It represents 20 communities of the Kichwa (Quechua) ethnic group. The Federation was formed in 1991 from the indigenous movement in the Upper Tiger as a response to the need to defend their integrity, territory, culture and tradition and to affirm self-determination and self-development, especially against the presence of local oil activity. FECONAT is part of the regional representative organization ORPIO (Organizacion Regional de los Pueblos Indigenas del Oriente) and the national organization AIDESEP. Since the beginning of 2015, FECONAT has been presided over by Fernando Chuje Ruiz, a Kichwa leader of more than 15 years’ experience renowned for his high values.

Chaikuni has empowered this organization since 2014.


Tres Unidos is a small community situated on the Nanay river about two hours from the center of Iquitos. It was founded in 1988 and currently has around 152 inhabitants from 45 different families. Tres Unidos is the closest community to Chaikuni’s permaculture center. The people of Tres Unidos are dedicated mostly to farming their land, where the main crops are cassava and plantains. Another major influence on the local economy is the village’s close proximity and relationship with our sister organization, the Temple of the Way of Light, a traditional Amazonian healing center.

Our collaboration with Tres Unidos has been ongoing for many years. Before the foundation of the Chaikuni Institute, the Temple financially supported many local events, bought products from local farmers, and paid school teachers’ salaries and the wages of locals employed by the Temple. Chaikuni’s present relationship with Tres Unidos is based on an exchange of knowledge and experience in the area of sustainable development.

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