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The Amazon Rainforest is crucial to life

The Amazon Rainforest is crucial to life on Earth; it contains over half of the planet's remaining rainforest habitat, holds 25% of the world's carbon, and produces one-fifth of the planet's freshwater. It is the world's premier bio-cultural diversity hotspot, home to scores of unique cultures, worldviews, languages, and countless species of flora and fauna.

By working across the three branches of Permaculture, Intercultural Education and Human & Nature Rights, the Chaikuni Institute advances a positivistic, solutions-oriented approach, and works to empower a life-affirming movement in the Amazon and beyond.

What We Do

Intercultural Education

Improved access to higher education

We believe in intercultural education as a means of creating an inclusive, diverse, and equitable society that honors and celebrates its constituent cultures and identities. We presently support and empower the indigenous student organization OEPIAP, which represents more than 12 ethnicities.

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Developing regenerative land use alternatives

Fusing indigenous wisdom and modern knowledge, we investigate and promote sustainable access to plant medicine, healthy food, and economic opportunities for local communities by creating an integral agriculture model within our Amazon permaculture center.

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Human & Nature Rights

Supporting The Amazonian Indigenous Movement

We are active in the Nature Rights movement that advocates for the recognition of indigenous territorial rights as the best path to protect the most important wilderness on Earth. We help amplify voices of the jungle by providing multimedia tools and investigative work.

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We work with plots of land used to cultivate food forests and medicinal plants known as “chacras integrales”; the traditional manifestation of Ayni, a South American indigenous concept that means reciprocity and communal support.

Current Project

Our Courses

We will discover together permaculture solutions for regenerative living in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.

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Want to actively contribute to Chaikuni’s mission?

Translate a report, write an article, lead a fundraising event, or come to Iquitos for a field experience – there are many ways that you can support our work.

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  • March 19, 2023

    "I do not lose the desire to return to my community”

    Roldán Tumi has come a long way. Since the day he decided to leave his community, a series of experiences have made him the person he is today: an indigenous anthropologist who understands the challenges facing his people and is willing to work in service of his community. In thi...

  • February 3, 2023

    Women united in defense of their river

    Rivers are fundamental for all living beings. In different ecosystems they fulfill different functions, but all in all these can be summarized as: rivers are a source of life. By irrigating valleys, flooding portions of the forest, and being a source of food and income, rivers h...

  • November 28, 2022

    Rafael Chanchari: Reflections of a Shawi elder

    “I carry agriculture as an inheritance. It’s in my blood, in my thoughts, because I grew up with it” Rafael Chanchari is the leader of Nuevo Chacatán, a Shawi community located between the cities of Iquitos and Nauta, that preserves its traditional way of life. Recently, we had ...

Video Channel

The Permaculture Design Course

In the second half of May, 2019, we held our first ever Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at our permaculture centre. A multicultural group of indigenous Shipibo herbalists, local farmers from neighbouring communities, indigenous students from the Achuar and Awajun peoples, Chaikuni staff and friends from the Temple of the Way of Light came together for 10 inspiring days to learn the basics of permaculture, share their own knowledge, and learn about "chacras integrales". The course was masterfully guided by Tierra Martinez and Beatriz Ramirez from the Na’Lu’um Permaculture Institute, both of them bringing a world of knowledge from a life dedicated to permaculture to the Chaikuni Institute and the participants.

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