Chaikuni brings permaculture teacher Tierra Martínez for a new comprehensive water systems workshop

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Tierra Martínez (Misiones, Argentina) will share with us his great experiences on aquatic production systems. The workshop will be from November 19 to 21. Martínez has 20 years of experience in permaculture and works in the creation of centers of reference in different climates, ecosystems, and cultures in Latin America, the Caribbean Islands, and Europe.

During three consecutive days in the Permaculture Center of the Chaikuni Institute, a theoretical and practical course will be shared where we will learn, through practice, the advancement of regeneration in our spaces through the use of water.

This workshop will help us understand the water cycle. Tierra Martínez, through her lessons, will teach us to understand what integral water systems are like in the landscape, in order to create water landscapes that, in turn, contain both plant and animal production systems.

The workshop will be held from November 19 to 21. It will be dictated by Tierra Martínez who has 20 years of experience in permaculture from Latin America. In addition, he is the founder of the Ná Lu'um permaculture institute.

Among the activities that will be developed together with Tierra will be the creation of a holistic fish farm; the use of Life Calendars and Astronomical Observation in understanding the water cycles; You will also learn to develop comprehensive water systems (strategies for collecting, storing, distributing and purifying water); the generation of microclimates, among other activities.

The master in Permaculture, Tierra Martínez in the last workshop in 2020. Credit: Alienor de Sas.

Among the integral water systems that will be analyzed, we will see examples such as the hydraulic systems in Chinampas (Mexico), Zenú (Colombia), Moxos (Bolivia), Waru Waru (Peru-Bolivia), Auacultura Shipibo (Peru), and the Integral System VAC (Vietnam).

The Chaikuni Permaculture Center just started a 1-year education program to open up to the world and propose tools so that every citizen of the world, participant in our workshops, and volunteer have tools and knowledge to empower themselves to transform their world and actively participate in the planet regeneration.

The local community and indigenous youth are invited to each workshop free of charge to spread knowledge throughout the Amazon.


The stay has complete and healthy food during the days of the workshop, a dairy farm with semi-shared rooms in the heart of the jungle (with savanna and mosquito net included)

Normal payment: around 73 USD

The payment includes

+ Semi-shared cabin with mattress and mosquito net

+ private cabin (around 53 USD extra). We have private cabins with single or double beds)

+ theoretical and practical workshop with a world expert

+ healthy complete diet

* Does not include transportation to the center, but we will coordinate a boat for you to come as a group

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