Loreto: Belén will be the setting for the I Floating Film Festival in Original Languages of Peru

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The date is this Friday, June 4 at 6:00 pm. Short films produced by indigenous students. It will take place in Sector 11 of the district of Belén, Iquitos.

Under the moonlight and sitting in small boats like armchairs. Thus, the public will see the first Floating Exhibition of Cinema in Original Languages ​​of Peru in which a series of short films produced by the young people of the Organization of Students of the Indigenous Peoples of the Peruvian Amazon (OEPIAP) will be exhibited, within the framework of the Project Ícaro.

This project aims to generate spaces for reflection and creation in indigenous native communities. Through the production of short stories, indigenous youth safeguard their native languages ​​and culture. Always supported in the pre, production and post-production of their short films by experts from the Ícaro Project.

“For me this project means a lot. It means new experiences, it means friendship. With this workshop we had a lot of learning and new skills. The Icaro Project is about sharing, working as a team, being friends and valuing the talent of other people and the patience and love that was put into this project”, declares Gimena Cariajano Sánchez, from the Achuar People, one of the participants in the production of short films.

The I Floating Exhibition of Cinema in Native Languages ​​is produced by Sacha Cine, with the support of the Audiovisual, Phonography and New Media Directorate (DAFO) of the Ministry of Culture, in alliance with the Chaikuni Institute and OEPIAP.

"As an organization focused on cultural management, for us the Ícaro Project is a tool to awaken vocations, make visible realities and strengthen local professionals through a test of their skills and attitudes through intensive immersion in a creative process. Iquitos and Loreto are exceptional scenarios for social advocacy through the use of audiovisuals and we want to continue betting in this way”, explains Julio Trino Blanca Vergara, administrative manager of Sacha Cine.

The exhibition will be on Friday, June 4 at 6:00 PM. in Sector 11, Pueblo Libre, district of Belén (Iquitos). It is recommended to arrive before the exhibition time to get boats in advance.

Ilustración: Proyecto Icaro/Pirata 12.