Summary of International Press Publications up to 2017

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Photo: Sophie Pinchetti

As part of our work with FECONAT, Chaikuni was involved in the follow-up process of the historic Saramurillo accords signed between Amazonian indigenous organizations from five river basins affected by oil activity and the Peruvian state in December 2016 following a 117-day mobilization on the Marañón river. We provided support both on and off the ground to this critical process for environmental and social justice through legal advising during negotiations, communications at national and international levels, and along with our ally Amazon Watch, we coordinated a North/South America solidarity action in tandem with the indigenous mobilization against the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota.

Read the following articles to learn more:

Saramurillo: Justice This Time for the Indigenous Peoples of the Peruvian Amazon?

21 Feb, 2017 | Amazon Watch

Saramurillo: A Hope for Justice for Peru’s Amazonian Peoples

25 Feb, 2017 | Truthout

$1bn to clean up the oil in Peru’s northern Amazon

3 August, 2017 | The Guardian

“This Is Not A Symbolic Action” — Indigenous Protesters Occupy Oil Platforms in Radicalized Fight Against Pollution in the Amazon

27 December, 2017 | The Intercept