Be a volunteer

Our Permaculture Volunteer and Training Program is designed for volunteers to get training and hand-on experience in two main topics: Food Production and Bioconstruction. You can choose which of them to apply to or you can apply to both of them and we will assign you one based on your profile.

To apply to the first volunteering cycle, complete the application form at the following link


Do I need to have previous experience to apply?

We don’t ask for prior experience if it pays off with a lot of desire to learn and practice.

What are the volunteering cycles and when do they begin?

The volunteering cycles are periods of 3 months in which you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the program of your choice (food production or bioconstruction). The dates of our next volunteering cycles are:

  1. From September 4th to December 9th
  2. From January 15th to April 10th
  3. From April 16th to July 10th

To be considered for the next cycles, send an email to

Is it necessary to participate in the whole volunteering cycle?

No. But we do call for volunteers who have a minimum availability of 1 month and we recommend a 3-month stay for you to have a better experience and deepen your learning

What is a work day like at the Permaculture Center?

We share with you an example of a working day at our center:

  • • 7:00 a.m.: Start of work in the center
  • • 9:00 a.m.: Breakfast
  • • 9:30 a.m.: Activities
  • • 1:00 p.m.: Lunch and rest

What implements should I bring to volunteer?

We recommend you bring:

  • Boots
    • Rain jacket
    • Work trousers
    • Long-sleeved t-shirt
    • Hat
    • Lamp
    • Motivation

Is there access to electricity at the Permaculture Center?

The available electricity can only be used for laptops, telephones and led lights.

Is there an internet signal?

We do not have Wi-Fi and the internet signal is very low.

Why do you request a financial contribution?

We request an economic contribution of S/.580 or $ 155 per month since that covers the cost of stay and food (breakfast and lunch). It also helps us fund scholarships for people in our area!

Do you have a protocol for quarantine?

In addition to the covid test, we ask to be very conscientious since we live near a small community. If you feel any symptoms or suspect that you may be Covid, please postpone your arrival so that you can come safely and join our beautiful team.

Teaching and working with volunteers have always been important to Chaikuni. It enables us to meet new challenges and contributes to increasing the scope of our impacts. Within our Permaculture program, we offer the possibility to sign up for our permaculture volunteer and training program.

The program is divided into different 3-month cycles, each one with a specific topic. You have the option to either focus on food production or ecological building.

Read more about it in the document linked below.